Services & Rates

Healing Session 1

$60 per hour

This is a one hour Table Massage. Each session is designed specifically for you and will include a variety of Massage and Energy techniques, as agreed upon by the client and therapist.

Below is a list of modalities that may be included in your time alloted. Open communication is always encouraged. Your comfort is my top priority. 

Healing Session 2

$35 per 30 minutes

This is a condensed version of the one hour session. It is perfect for targetting specific problem areas, or for anyone who wants to sample my services. This service is available for Table Massage.

Healing Session 3

$90 per 90 minutes

imageThis Massage is ideal for people with chronic pain, severe mobility problems, or for anyone who may need extra time on problem areas. It is done from the comfort of a Massage Table, and may include a variety of Massage and Energy techniques.

Children's Massage(12 and under)

$30 per 30 minutes

A service to address the many needs of children, such as emotional trauma, muscle atrophy, mobility problems, nerological and behavioral issues, ear pain, etc. I use a special technique to balance the ear canal for improved ear health. This promotes proper drainage, and has helped countless children. 

The parent is encouraged to be in the same room as the child. The child may remain fully clothed if they wish, and will always be covered in a discrete manner. This is a child led session, and may be a process that requires a few visits before they gain my trust. If they want to sit on Mom or Dad's lap the first few times that is completely fine. Whatever makes you and your child comfortable. I will accomodate the session accordingly. The average session with children lasts anywhere from 20-40 minutes. If they will not let me work at least 20 minutes, a discount of %50 will be given. 

Kids are amazing little creatures, and they are often very receptive to the Energy Work. It is common for them to become very relaxed or even fall asleep during a session. 


Chair Massage

$15 per 15 minutes

Chair Massage is a popular way of relieving stress and releasing tension. It is perfect for people who are new to Massage, or who just need a few minutes on their neck, shoulders, or back. You receive your Massage in a specialized ergonomic chair. In addition to the usual health benefits, another benefit is that it is done over the clothing. With Seated Massage, you can avoid the discomfort and awkwardness that you may feel in disrobing for a traditional Massage. Also, Chair Massage sessions are usually shorter than traditional Massage, making it convenient enough to fit into your busy schedule. This service is available in 5 minute increments of time, up to 40 minutes, and will be charged accordingly.

*Ask me about in-office Corporate Seated Massage. This is an on-site Massage to show your employees how much you value them. Group rates may apply.

Energy Work

Energy work is based on the belief that everyone has a "life force", and that the body needs to sustain its balance for optimum health. Anytime you experience emotional or physical illness, it indicates that your life force has simply become unbalanced. I work directly with your energy field to restore balance and flow to your entire system. And once your energy field has been restored to full health, your body will follow.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. During a session, I work directly with your energy field to remove blockages, detoxify your system, and restore your vital life force energy. Reiki utilizes a gentle laying on of hands to conduct the necessary energy force between us. The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain.

CranioSacral (SM)

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful technique that is effective in releasing neck pain, back pain, and mental stress (among other things). It does this by optimizing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spine and around the skull. Developed by physician William Sutherland, this therapy provides a very soothing and relaxing healing experience.


Acupressure is based on one the most ancient principles of healing - that simply touching a specific point on the body will release stress and improve health in the body. In an acupressure session, I apply firm pressure directly to these "points" on your body, which relieves your muscle tension and improves your circulation. This simple and powerful technique has been shown to be very effective in treating headaches, backaches, and even insomnia.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a style of bodywork that focuses on stimulating and releasing "trigger points" in your body. Trigger points are tender areas of tension similar to acupressure points, except they occur in the belly of the muscle rather than along the energy pathways of the body. These "knots" are built up throughout a person's life due to physical, mental, and/or emotional stress. During a session, focused pressure is applied through a variety of techniques in order to release your trigger points. This process can be quite painful at times, yet the effects are lasting and profoundly transformative.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a style of bodywork designed specifically for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a time when a woman's body endures tremendous stress due to dramatic physical and emotional changes. Using various techniques specially developed for the expecting mother, Pregnancy Massage helps release the pain and discomfort experienced throughout pregnancy. The benefits are profound, including emotional support, the relief of joint pain due to extra weight and postural imbalance, and improved breathing and relaxation.

Infant Massage

$30 per 30 minutes

Infant Massage is a style of Bodywork designed specifically to promote the healthy development of your infant. Caring human touch is crucial for a healthy thriving baby, and the benefits of massaging your infant are potent and numerous. For example, many infants show improved growth and development of the brain and nervous system. Infant Massage has also been shown to improve the quality of a baby's sleep, as well as strengthen their immune system, and help with digestive difficulties. This session also includes instruction for parents on how to Massage their babies, to promote restfull nights for all! If your precious little one will not let me work at least 20 minutes, a discount of %50 will be given.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a type of bodywork which is focused on the energy fields of the body, rather than the physical body itself. This type of body work is also called energy work, because the practitioner attempts to adjust the skewed energy fields of the body and bring them into balance. During a polarity therapy session, the therapist and client usually work together in a very calm, relaxed environment.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy

Pfrimmer is an amazing technique that I use quite frequently. It increases circulation in the deep layers of the body, encouraging release of disfunctional muscles and toxins. And, contrary to popular belief, Deep Muscle Therapy does not have to leave you sore for a week. In the hands of a skilled therapist it is an invaluable tool. While it is possible for a slight amount of soreness to occurr, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate rest should resolve this. Always drink A LOT of water after a massage, as your body will be flushing toxins and lactic acid for 2-3 days.